Vertigo / A danse with emptyness

Vertigo / A danse with emptyness



All the wars of the world

Vertigo / A danse with emptyness

And then, here is my whole world
That, such the time in the tomb
Suddenly stops and freezes
At my feet, space.
It dances, wobbles and spins around
And in my head there is dread.

At my feet space,
It is coming to me !
Such a fury, it is coming to me !
Such a greedy sea,
Such a shaken sea !
The saline spine of its foam
Catch my body petrified
By the ambient fog

The bottom of the huge belly
Fed with thousand madnesses
Attracts me in its entrails
I struggle, I battle
Grabbing a delusive balance
But my resistance is miserable

Very alas! My efforts are vain
By space I am taken
I am taken by is arm
In a rambling ballet
Who rocks me, tosses me around,
Such an old saoule small boat
Sailing on the fleet,
Dragged by the heave

Conquered by his brutal force
And seeing my fatal defeat
I give myself up to his please
I devote myself and lose grip
And it is while I saw
Hidden in his falls
The dizzy intensity
Of his silent beauties

So, with space I dance
I dance, and I dance
And the world turns,
Spin and turn
Now I have no more harm
Now I have no more edge

© Theo BAMARA – 2007
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© Théo BAMARA - Toutes les guerres du monde - 2021
Collection : Poèmes en Rouge

Image/Illustration : Henry & Co. - Pexels

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