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Early poems

Letter to a Star

Before time separates us

With his endless arms

Before the magical moments

Full of the singular flavor

From illustrious and delicate verbs

You hilighted to ours souls

Do flee to oblivion,

Let us O tender light

Thank you for

Having let us collect

In our little hearts

For an instant on a time,

Some dust of your splinters

So here we are

So here we are

So here we are
Alone in the world
Alone with our lives
Alone with our empty echoes
Who speak of love

I am faceless
I am without essence
Anonymous among so many,
Who pass by and pass away
Without a look

One passes without seeing
All hands outstretched
And my soul cries
Because a friend in need
Is a friend you do not need

© Theo Bamara – 27/06/1995