Poems in Blue

Plénitude - Poème de Théo Bamara - Extrait de « Chamts d'amour - Poèmes en Bleu » - Peinture Bernard Fintz


Fullness Love stands pure Beyond Our lives. Happiness is a part of it Peace is its fruit Truth is its soul Love…

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Souvenirs d'Enfance - Poème de Théo Bamara - Publié dans "Menthal" - Poèmes en Bleu

Childhood memories

Childhood memories   A single image remains And survives all my misfortunes The image of an African woman Who was like a…

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L'essentiel - Poème de Theo Bamara - Extrait du recueil "Chamts d'Amour"

The essential

The essential The Act is, of life, The essential The verb, always, Is ephemeral Its Life and its Death Merge In a…

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Fait divers - Poésie - Poème de Théo Bamara

News item

News item I live. By the death that’s coming I live. By the hope that flows By the burning fire By the…

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“Field-song” of love

It’s like a space Filling me up Like a guide I follow And I know the misery Who lives in it I…

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Laisse crier cet humble coeur - Poème-Poésie - Theo Bamara

Let shout this humble heart

Let shout this humble heart Which often made ​​you suffer As he cries he can not die Let him look for happiness…

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L'âme châvirée - Poésie - Poème -Theo Bamara

Capsized soul

A tasty joy, Simple and vagabond Took hold of me Is there a greater chance ? Pleasure is sublime, The soul is…

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Coucher de soleil - Poésie - Poème - Theo Bamara


Basternes of fire Are gathering in the blue sky Around the god-star… He will die for sure ! Escaping these murderers He…

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Attente - Poésie - Poème - Theo Bamara

The waiting

There are some kind of things which always Remain sighs and fears There are some happinesses similar to love That you cannot…

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