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Childhood memories

Childhood memories


A single image remains
And survives all my misfortunes
The image of an African woman
Who was like a queen to me

A single word was able to escape
The black meanders of the past
Its vibrates still echo today
And reason just like Love

From these dreams bruised and broken
The single happiness that survived
Is the delightful memory

Of instants full of pleasure
Where I used to display on her black skin
A cream with the fragrances of hope

© Théo Bamara- 2000 – From : « MENTHAL », Poems in Blue
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Let shout this humble heart

Laisse crier cet humble coeur - Poème-Poésie - Theo Bamara

Let shout this humble heart
Which often made ​​you suffer
As he cries he can not die
Let him look for happiness

Let this music rise
Beautiful friend, do let that soul cry
And never blame him
For being so moody

You're so beautiful with these pearls
Rolling over your rebellious cheeks
Then I can see

In the reflections of your big eyes
This life that God has given to you
This life is my hope

Capsized soul

L'âme châvirée - Poésie - Poème -Theo Bamara

A tasty joy,
Simple and vagabond
Took hold of me
Is there a greater chance ?

Pleasure is sublime,
The soul is delighted and full
Tonight, love reigns
Nothing bothers me

My capsized and iridescent soul
Retains a sweet and felted memory
Of our hearts in hope,
And your kisses on my black skin

© Theo Bamara – 2000 | From ” Menthal – Poems in Blue”


Coucher de soleil - Poésie - Poème - Theo Bamara

Basternes of fire
Are gathering in the blue sky
Around the god-star…
He will die for sure !

Escaping these murderers
He ran and ran
But there is nothing
Behind the extent

The scrum is violent
My heart is delighted
The lights are flamboyant

The star defends his life
Deadly skirmish !
The sun sets

© Theo Bamara – 2000 | From ” Menthal – Poems in Blue”

The waiting

Attente - Poésie - Poème - Theo Bamara

There are some kind of things which always
Remain sighs and fears
There are some happinesses similar to love
That you cannot get without suffering

There are some radiant things
Clear, splendid
That make the soul happy
And spread a magical perfume

There are such nice things
That they would rob out hope from you
There are such nice things
That we barely dare to want them

I love watching you hanging around
And unceasingly I will carry
The painful hope of touching lightly…
Your skin, of touching lightly my dream.

© Theo Bamara – 2000 | From «Menthal – Poems in Blue»