The waiting

The waiting



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Attente - Poésie - Poème - Theo Bamara

There are some kind of things which always
Remain sighs and fears
There are some happinesses similar to love
That you cannot get without suffering

There are some radiant things
Clear, splendid
That make the soul happy
And spread a magical perfume

There are such nice things
That they would rob out hope from you
There are such nice things
That we barely dare to want them

I love watching you hanging around
And unceasingly I will carry
The painful hope of touching lightly…
Your skin, of touching lightly my dream.

© Theo Bamara – 2000 | From «Menthal – Poems in Blue»

© Théo BAMARA - Menthal - 2000
Collection : Poèmes en Bleu

Image/Illustration : Image de Pexel - photo-pexels-72868 - Pexels

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