Blues, my friend

Blues, my friend



All the wars of the world

It is never that far away
That you go
When I chase you away

It is never for a long time
That you leave
Blues my friend,

I like to pull you out
From my old entrails
Tired by life

I also love as much
When you come back to me
As a tormented demon

Who tries to find
The old house
That you had always haunted

Blues my friend,
You need me
To sing you

And i need you
To knead
My moods, my misfortunes

Blues my friend,
With you by my side,
And my old guitar,

I am most
Miserable and over living
Of all the men

© Théo BAMARA - Toutes les guerres du monde - 2021
Collection : Poèmes en Bleu

Image/Illustration : Paweł Szmajduch - Pexels