All the wars of the world

Those small things
Which in small doses
Weave life,
They deposited and failed me,
Here am i, a survivor,
Far away, elsewhere,
Surrounded with other customs

I am alone
O so much alone
As an island
An old sober and stony island
Which on an impetuous sea,
Dances and waddles
Behind a veil of fog

And these are some mornings
When, with red and salted eyes,
I get up of my nuptial truce
With this feeling
Of disenchantment:

My home is not here
My home is not overthere

© Théo BAMARA - Toutes les guerres du monde - 2021
Collection : Poèmes en Rouge

Image/Illustration : Photo by Pok Rie from Pexels - Pexels