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Et beatus sum - Poésie - Poème - Theo Bamara

…Et beatus sum

…Et beatus sum I hear the sea Under […]

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Chamt d'amour - Poésie - Poèmes - Theo Bamara

“Field-song” of love

It’s like a space Filling me up Like […]

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Laisse crier cet humble coeur - Poème-Poésie - Theo Bamara

Let shout this humble heart

Let shout this humble heart Which often made […]

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L'âme châvirée - Poésie - Poème -Theo Bamara

Capsized soul

A tasty joy, Simple and vagabond Took hold […]

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Coucher de soleil - Poésie - Poème - Theo Bamara


Basternes of fire Are gathering in the blue […]

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Attente - Poésie - Poème - Theo Bamara

The waiting

There are some kind of things which always […]

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