Fullness – Painting from Bernard Fintz

Plénitude - Peinture de Bernard Finds - Huile sur toile - 73 cm x 54 cm - 2000

A reflection on the mystery of life and Birth of the Being. The nine oranges placed in the basket of Married symbolize the multitude, chance Of existence, the nine months of   Gestation, the sky of our loves, at the same time An end and a new begining. The fruit that must "be" in love Read More »


Plénitude - Poème de Théo Bamara - Extrait de « Chamts d'amour - Poèmes en Bleu » - Peinture Bernard Fintz

Fullness Love stands pure Beyond Our lives. Happiness is a part of it Peace is its fruit Truth is its soul Love is sweet Love is humble Love is This quiet fullness Which swells our "hearts" With all those things Which flavors are unspeakable © Theo Bamara - 2001 - From «Song-fields of love - Read More »


La poésie - Théo Bamara - Pensées

Poetry Poetry is the elementary particle of Beauty. It is present everywhere around us, in the visible and the invisible. Discreet, it can only be discovered by those who know how to linger and love to stroll in the alcoves of the time. © Theo Bamara - 10 July 2017 - «Thoughts» Read More »

The essential

L'essentiel - Poème de Theo Bamara - Extrait du recueil "Chamts d'Amour"

The essential The Act is, of life, The essential The verb, always, Is ephemeral Its Life and its Death Merge In a single moment The act Is, of life, The essential © Theo Bamara - 2001 Excerpt from "Fields and songs of Love - Poems in Blue" Read More »