…Et beatus sum

Et beatus sum - Poésie - Poème - Theo Bamara

...Et beatus sum I hear the sea Under your arms Love and extended Call me to fall Into their echoes And the peaceful sky, Naked, without storm Not even a cloud, Rock us with its sweet cantata And from your brow heady I can see, running away, Thousands of stars In euphoria ... © Theo Read More »

Let shout this humble heart

Laisse crier cet humble coeur - Poème-Poésie - Theo Bamara

Let shout this humble heart Which often made ​​you suffer As he cries he can not die Let him look for happiness Let this music rise Beautiful friend, do let that soul cry And never blame him For being so moody You're so beautiful with these pearls Rolling over your rebellious cheeks Then I can Read More »